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General Questions

Is BoostUp Free?

Yes! BoostUp is 100% free to use. There are never any fees for you to use BoostUp.

How does BoostUp work?

BoostUp is a savings platform that helps people save toward their next big purchase. Consumers have the ability to receive contributions from family & friends and a dollar-for-dollar match on their savings from BoostUp brand partners. Users create a free BoostUp account, connect their bank account and automate a daily savings plan of deposits to create a habit of saving or to reach a specific goal. Brand partners such as Quicken Loans and Hyundai offer users a dollar-for-dollar matching incentive ("Boost"), which rewards their savings and helps them buy their next car or home faster and easier.

When can I start saving?

If you connected a bank account from one of the "instant auth" banks in our login process then your daily savings plan is initiated right away. If you connected with a different bank, then micro-deposit verification is required. Once you enter the two micro-deposit amounts on your savings page, then your savings plan will begin.


How often are deposits taken out?

Every 5 days.

How do I adjust my plan?

At any time you can increase or decrease your daily savings plan from the Savings page with the edit icon. Or from the Save More button on your Savings page.

Can I make a one-time deposit?

Yes. A one-time deposit is a great idea for when you have some extra money you want to stash away. From the Savings page, you can choose the "Save More" button to make a one-time deposit. This deposit also takes 5 full business days to clear and be available for use in your BoostUp account.

How do I pause my savings?

You can pause your savings at any time from the Savings page by clicking the edit icon. Your daily savings plan will be paused until you press the "Save More" button on the Savings page. If you have a current deposit that is pending, that deposit will continue to be processed into your BoostUp account as we can not stop an already initiated deposit.

How long does it take for a deposit to be available in my BoostUp account?

Please allow at least 5 full business days for your deposit to post to your BoostUp account. If you do not see the amount in your account after 5 business days, contact us at

Where is the money in my BoostUp account held?

Money in your BoostUp account is held at Fifth Third Bank. Fifth Third Bank (5/3 Bank) is a U.S. regional banking corporation, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio at Fifth Third Center, and is the principal subsidiary of holding company Fifth Third Bancorp. The company holds $139.6 billion in assets, and operates 1,312 banking offices and over 2,600 ATM's in 10 states. They provide a comprehensive line of banking, brokerage, insurance, investment, mortgage, trust and payment services products to consumers, businesses and institutions. Information about Fifth Third Bank is available at

Is there a maximum amount of money I can have in my BoostUp account?

Yes, currently there is a maximum of $10,000.

Why micro-deposits?

When you connect your bank account, we have to verify for your security that you are able to access the bank account you connected. So we deposit 2 small amounts into the bank account. Once you see those on your bank account details, you will be able to enter the amounts deposited and start saving!


How do I use my BoostUp savings to purchase something?

Click the Ready to Buy on your dashboard. Select what you are purchasing and how much of your BoostUp savings you want to use toward that purchase. If you are purchasing from a BoostUp partner you will follow the directions for that particular partner. If you are using your funds for a non-partner transaction, we currently will transfer your funds back to your bank account. We're talking with potential new partners all the time so stay tuned for more offers and services to make using your BoostUp funds to buy something even more rewarding.

How long must my BoostUp account be open before I can use a partnerBoost?

Your BoostUp account has to be open for at least 30 days before your funds can be transferred towards a purchase. After this 30-day period, you will see the "Ready to Buy" link on your dashboard that will help you transfer your funds to the appropriate place. Your account becomes open the day you sign up for BoostUp.


How can people gift money to me?

On the Crowdfund tab, you select a goal and enter a story about your goal. This will create a BoostUp profile page and unique URL that you can share with your family and friends via email, text, social media, etc. Your family & friends can contribute to you via credit or debit card on your profile page. This is a great opportunity to ask for monetary gifts toward your goals on your birthday, holiday, graduation or wedding.

Will I be notified if someone gives me a gift?

Yes, you will be notified via email once the transaction has processed. This will typically be within 24 hours of the gift.

What payment methods can be used to give a gift?

Currently, you can give a gift via credit or debit card. Gifts made via credit card will incur a 3% transaction fee. There are no fees associated with a debit card transaction.

Close Account and Withdrawal

How do I close my account and get my funds back?

You can close your account at anytime and have your money returned. On the You tab, near the bottom of the page, click the "Need to Close your BoostUp account link and follow the directions. Funds will be returned to your bank account in 5-10 business days.


Is my bank information secure?

Yes, we never store your bank information and use 256-bit encryption for security. Savings deposits into your BoostUp account are sent via ACH from bank to bank. Connecting your bank account either through online login or account and routing number allows us to create a secure banking token that we can use for each savings deposit.


How does BoostUp work for dealerships?

Hyundai corporate has a down payment matching incentive that allows customers to receive up to $500 as a rebate when the customer saves $500 through BoostUp. When you have a customer using BoostUp, he/she will bring a "Funds Certificate" to the dealership, which will display the amount of funds he/she has saved in the BoostUp account, as well as the rebate amount he/she is eligible for.

Upon claiming the funds, BoostUp sends the funds the customer has saved directly to the dealership via an ACH bank transfer. The dealership receives payment for the matching $500 incentive from Hyundai corporate.

How do I claim the customer's funds?

1. Process the customer's Funds Certificate at by entering the unique Key Code and email address printed on the form.
2. The customer's money will be transferred to the dealership bank account.
3. Fill out the Hyundai Matching Incentive Coupon Form.
4. Print out final confirmation page (known as the Funds Transfer Confirmation Page) and send it to Hyundai Corporate along with Hyundai Matching Incentive Form.

My funds have been rejected because I'm missing a Funds Transfer Request Confirmation page. What do I do?

The most likely reason you have received a rejection is because the customer's funds have not yet been claimed by the dealership. Until the funds are claimed through the process listed above, you will not receive a Funds Transfer Request Confirmation page. Please contact us at to see if your dealership has claimed the funds.

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Can I email someone with a question?

Yes. You can email us at Our normal office hours are 8:30 – 5:30 EST Monday – Friday.